com•men•tum <ī> noun (sg.,neutr.):invention, idea(occ.: argument); (from comminiscor): verb (pres.act.):bethink, contrive;related to: mens. mind. 

Dialogue with political players is a tremendous opportunity. We at Commentum want to support your work at the interface of markets and politics. Inventiveness and a profound knowledge of banking and financial sector issues are the core values which we want to contribute to our co-operation.

Commentum is owner-managed and independent. All consultants have many years of professional experience in key positions.

Our core skills are consulting and support for financial firms and associations with their lobbying efforts in Germany, Europe and the United States. We concentrate on what we’ve been trained to do – for the benefit of our customers.

In addition to an outstanding network, we possess a profound knowledge of banking and financial sector issues.

We stand for ethical lobbying and for fair, transparent dialogue with our clients and interlocutors. We comply with the lobbying regulations of German Bundestag and Government, the EU Institutions and the OECD, which define clear standards of conduct and integrity for government agencies, lobbyists and the media.

Dr. Oliver Wagner
Bernd Brabänder
Dr. Harald Lob