status quo

status quo

opportunity: political communication

Hardly any sector of the economy is as densely regulated as the financial market. At the same time, innovations, the digitalization of distribution channels, changes in consumer habits and, not least, demographic change lead to a constant need to reassess and adapt the regulatory framework.

Furthermore, in Europe, in many financial centres as well as globally, a series of far-reaching conclusions is currently being drawn with regard to the causes of the financial and economic crisis, which could result in regulations putting financial institutions in Europe at a massive competitive disadvantage.

In view of these developments the complexity of political decisionmaking is continuously increasing. Legislators and their associates and civil servants are thus facing immense challenges.

Dialogue with political players is a tremendous opportunity to participate constructively in these transformation processes.

We develop precisely tailored strategies to create productive contacts with key political decision makers and we support you in integrating your arguments and proposals convincingly and sustainably in the political debate.

basis: trust

Not every voice can be heard in the course of legislative enactment procedures, since this would prolong the decision-making process indefinitely.

However, it is generally true that expertise will be gladly accepted if there is solid mutual trust between the respective dialogue partners.

We possess a network developed over many years of close co-operation with legislators, civil servants and regulatory bodies responsible for the banking industry and financial markets.

We also have profound experience in the optimal preparation of arguments from the standpoint of market participants. And we know that the ultimate objective is to have our clients’ considerations understood, taken seriously and integrated in the decision-making process by our interlocutors in the political arena.

goal: to be heard

We firmly believe that continuous professional lobbying will help to reduce the complexity of political decision-making. Paying attention to the arguments of the enterprises affected improves the quality of regulatory intervention.

That is our credo and our driving ambition. That may become a decisive factor for you when it becomes necessary to make politicians aware of unintended side effects of regulatory plans for your business interests which would have gone undetected otherwise.

At the interface of markets and politics we are able to optimize your political influence. 

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