bernd brabänder

Bernd Brabänder

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… is the founder of Commentum. For over 20 years he has represented the interests of financial services providers vis-à-vis politicians, government agencies and the community of experts.

He started his professional career in 1989 when he joined the Savings Bank Group in Frankfurt and worked his way up to head of public relations, marketing and statistics. He joined the Association of German Banks in 1996 as the Head of the Chief Executive’s office and took over the position of Director EU affairs in 1999. From 2005 until 2012 he was a member of the executive board of the association. As chief economist he published numerous papers on banking and financial policy, represented the position of the private banks in the media, and was a popular speaker on economic and banking policies at conferences and dinners. As international executive he was responsible for the association‘s global strategy and the contacts to European and international institutions. He was the chairman and member of numerous committees on the market participants’ side and presented the results of their work successfully in many hearings and political discussions.

His credo: “Lobbying is not an arcane science; rather, it is the product of honesty, expertise, reliability and solid, long term contacts.”


oliver wagner

Oliver Wagner

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... contributes his experience and network from 20 years of working in and with banking associations, banks and other financial services firms. A trained lawyer he started his career at the Association of German Banks (BdB) in 2000. In his time at the BdB he was involved in the debate about various capital market law issues. He took up the position of managing director of the Association of Foreign Banks (VAB) in 2009 and accompanied the foreign banks based in Germany through numerous projects resulting from the regulatory reforms after the 2008/2009 financial crisis. This included his close involvement in many expert committees of German and European bank supervisory authorities and serving as a port of call for politics, ministries, supervisors and the media on all foreign bank related issues. In the course of the Brexit preparations, he established the VAB as one of the central contact points for financial firms entering the German market or expanding their business operations in Germany and for political decision-makers in Germany's financial center.

His guiding principle: "Also when it comes to advocacy you are working in the famous ‘small village’. In order to be successful and contribute sustainable and trustworthy advocacy, you have to work out and understand all the issues and questions of stakeholders. This includes understanding the background of regulatory projects, but also being able to provide carefully targeted and detailed information and communicate openly. Only if you have understood an idea yourself, you can convince others!"

andreas delingat

Andreas Delingat

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…bases his work in our company on his experience in cooperative banking. At DZ Bank in Frankfurt am Main, he was responsible for international strategic partnerships in the financial services sector, with a focus on France and Austria.

He has also worked for over 20 years in the M&A sector, where he successfully concluded numerous national and international transactions in the financial services industry and food industry. He possesses profound expertise in the real estate and mortgage industries.

“Representing the views and argumentsof our clients in the political sphere is only one side – though a very important one – of the coin. The other, equally crucial side is to acquaint our constituents with the needs and the situational interests of policy makers”, he emphasizes.


stefan nöcker

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...completes the circle of partners at Commentum with his experience in publicsector banking. He has nearly 20 years of experience in banking management, 10 of them as a member of the executive board of a savings bank and as an expert on management and strategic issues; including, among others, at a regional savings bank association.

As a consultant he supports change-related and strategic processes in banks and companies, and prepares situational analyses and assessments for corporate policy decision-making processes, in crisis situations as well.

He firmly believes that "successful development and implementation of strategic concepts is not primarily a question of expertise, but of the full involvement and utilization of potential of the people who are the mainstay of the company."


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