Our range of services includes:


For you and for the representatives

of your enterprise we write presentations and lectures, company reports, manuscripts for press conferences and press releases on all subjects related to banking and financial as well as social and economic policy. We always deliver the highest quality, always on time.



Every event is in the best

of hands with us – from large- scale symposiums to small, intimate dinners with a correspondingly confidential

atmosphere – in Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels just as in London, Paris or Washington, D.C.

corporate policy


We examine legal and regulatory initiatives for their short-, medium and long-term effects on your enterprise

or on corporate policy of your members.

This will help you to identify the most important lobbying goals within the legislative process, strengthen your argumentation

in the political discussion and give you a head start in implementation once the legislation has been passed.


We will collaborate with you to identify your fields of strategic interest in banking and financial regulation and we will report on all current developments in a structured manner, including projects under initial consideration which have not been officially published yet.

Our monitoring reports, which include content, a schedule of responsibilities, key process information and documents,

will keep you ahead of the game and give you an advantage in both time and information.

That’s how optimal lobbying is prepared.

preparation and implementation of political dialogue

We will prepare proposals

and guidelines for negotiations and presentations appropriate to your target group and in an optimally usable form in order to promote political dialogues geared toward maximum benefit for you and your interlocutors. After meetings, we work together with you to supply your discussion partners with relevant additional information.

This provides you with a solid foundation of trust above and beyond the individual discussions.


We offer support in defining

realistic lobbying goals in any given legislation process,

de­velop timetables and action plans as well as argumentation guidelines. Once this ground­work has been laid we advise and support you in the subsequent implementation

of the planned activities.


We put our contact network,

developed over many years of national and international lobbying, at your disposal.

In any given situation and during any given regulatory process, we will assist you in identifying the essential stakeholders

and – if desired – in initiating a fruitful dialogue with them.


Research can be a powerful

lobbying tool if it backs your arguments with reliable, solid data. We research every political, legal and economic

aspect of any topic which might be of interest for our clients. During this process we draw upon reliable data sources

and have access to recognized experts from the scientific community, think tanks

and the media.